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Fight against breast cancer

Tue Nov 29, 2011, 2:53 PM
Dear fellow deviantARTists,

I don't know how is it in other places, but in our country there are many women on Facebook, who try to fight against breast cancer silently. I think this is good. But I think a silent campaign is not a campaign.

Fortunate or not, I was born as a man, thus, it's not very likely that breast cancer will get me. However, both my grandfathers and my grandmother's sister was taken by cancer.

I'm not an artist myself. I take some good photos now and then, and, as others say, have a very creative mind. But I'm not an artist. So here's the idea:

I have dreamed of a piece of art, on which one can see a woman and a crab (the Zodiac's sign Cancer has the image of a crab. Actually, in Hungarian, cancer (both the disease and the zodiac sign) and crab has the same name, "rák"). The crab should be placed so it would seem that its pincers are trying to reach the woman's breasts.

If you are without any creative idea, but want to do some art, and you also want to fight against cancer, take this little thought. If you do so, I would be grateful if you mention me somewhere. I'm W00d5t0ck on deviantART.

Have a nice day!

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Dear artists, who draw better than me (actually, anyone draws better than me, as I can't draw stuff better than stick-people). Today I logged in the my dA account, and while I was browsing the cca 3000 deviation watch events, I got an idea. I don't know how, but it doesn't matter :)

The title should be "Meanwhile on Earth". According to my concept, Hell succeeded to find a way up to the Heavens. They have created a huge hurricane, and in the middle of that they can travel to the Heavens. Angels, of course, wait for them prepared, and fight with full force to keep Hell's spawns where they belong. In my head 80% of the picture is a stormy scene of earth, and one can see only the heads of Hell's spawns, and some feet of the Angels and the war up there.

Anyone is welcome to create the picture, the idea is free. Just please mention me in the description for the idea :)

Have a nice day, everyone!

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New year, new everything

Mon Jan 4, 2010, 3:48 PM
Hey there, deviants! I'm back (again) with a new deviation, in a completely different style than before. All parts of the picture are my own work, and although it's a bit "primitive" and maybe simple, it's all mine. The concept in my head is a bit different, but I will update this drawing soon so it will match completely.

My monitor turned blank today. I'm so happy that I have my old Samsung SyncMaster at hand, and that I payed extra money for one more year of warranty back in 2007 when I bought it :D I hope they will repair it soon and I can enjoy dA again on a huge (20.1") monitor in a week or so.

Since my last update several things happened. I developed my social life (that's why I was missing from here for a while), found some new friends and met with old ones. Went to several events, helped organize them, and so on, and so on. So I could say that my social life gets back to normal, while keeping the balance in my work, and trying to keep up with all other communities, like dA, Facebook and Twitter.

My son Bence spent his first Christmas in a hospital as he got almost every kind of sickness a child can have during a harsh winter. He's alright now, although he still takes some pills.

For a few weeks now I'm using a mobile internet. It's awfully slow, drops connections all the time, so I can't wait for my new ISP to come and give me my brand new cable :)

Sorry, I know this post is a mess, but I had several things on my mind and found no other way to write them :aww:

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Some news about me

Wed Jun 24, 2009, 12:01 PM
Yes, yes, I know. I haven't written anything here in the near future. There are so many things now, I'm almost sure I'll forget something, but never mind, let's start it.

As you may or may not now, my son was born in February, and we were so happy with him. But everything has changed somehow, and we live separately now. From some point of view, this is the best for all of us. This, however, means so much freedom to me. Well, actually too much. As we usually had good times here at home (or in a theater or whatever we wanted), we didn't make any friends. This makes me a bit lonely, and I spend most of my free time at home. Kinda depressive... Now I got back to my old fellows, the Hungarian wiccan and pagan people. They meant so much to me in the past, but I left them for some reason, which even I don't know. I also started taking photos again, maybe you will see more in the future here (yeah, I know I promised that earlier). At least my work is okay now, fortunately my private life doesn't exist there.

So be ready, and expect some photos :)

It has begun.
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My past is chasing me

Mon Sep 22, 2008, 3:25 PM
Something strange is happening to me nowadays: my past began to chase me. Some old memories came up from the deep. Good, beautiful memories. Too good and beautiful to ignore them, although I know if I let them consume me, they can ruin my present, and my future.Or at least the version I imagined for myself. The version which these new happening could cause is not that bad, only on a short term. But that short period of time would be a nightmare for me, and it could generate so much bad memories. And if those would start to haunt me later, it would be much-much worse. So I'll try not to let these today's memories consume me, and thus, maybe they won't do anything bad to me. Maybe I'm too weak?

It has begun.

Shaki walks on (Read to find out)

Thu Jul 31, 2008, 11:16 PM
Okay, maybe I'm a freak to post such 'chain letters', but I liked the idea :)

1] Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2] For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4] Tag three people.

I tag:
:iconabunaiv: she gave the idea of this post
:iconsugargrl14: I like her new (and old) art :)
:iconxxnegativexcreep: I like her photos, her drawings, her whole self (well, at least the part I know of her)

Also, I would tag all of my old friends, but they don't exist on dA. So sad...

All answers are set up like this~
Song - Artist
[ comment ]

"Landscape dreams" - Oliver Shanti
{This doesn't make any sense...}

"Autumn colors of the Que and Hua mountains" - Oliver Shanti
{Kinda true :)}

"MacMillan River Love Song" - Jerry Alfred
{Well I always fell in love easily, but not THAT easy :D}

"Oglala" - Oliver Shanti
{Ofcourse... :D}

"Dancer of my mind" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{take it figuratively, and yes, that's kinda purpose}

"Intro & Prelude" - Native Americans (Sacred Spirit album)
{How true... I begin many things and finish very few}

"High and higher" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{lol yes, I'm tall :D}

"A Ballad of Chuang Tzu" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{a ballad is a sad thing, isn't it? If so then it's true, my mother sometimes thinks I'm a tragedy :D}

"Chant of the magic flute (Traditional version)" - Oliver Shanti presents Rashi Punjaabi
{don't ask me, winamp told this :D}

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
"Journey to Shambala" - Oliver Shanti and Friends

"Trail of tears" - Oliver Shanti Project
{We are happy together, but speak of sad subject many times}

"The watchmen" - Jerry Alfred
{Kinda true :)}

"Al Affaal" - Oliver Shanti
{Again, don't ask me :)}

"Medicine energy pow wow" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{I'm already grown up (in body, but never in heart), and I have some medicine energies for sure :D}

"Radha Raman" - Oliver Shanti
{yes of course :D}

"My love for you (is endless)" - Oliver Shanti presents Rashi Punjaabi
{fits to a wedding, isn't it? :)}

"Serra Do Geres" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{can't understand this title, but I like this track, so be it :)}

"Liu Garden of Suzhou" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{Definitely... A huge garden with many totally different flowers who can live together}

"Shaki walks on" - Oliver Shanti and Friends
{Well, it's not that bad like AbunaiV's :D}

It has begun.

'Thanks for the fave!'

Thu Jul 17, 2008, 12:40 PM
I have just realized that so many of you guys thank on my startpage (or whatever it is called :D) that I faved one (or two, or many) of your works. Erm... Of course! That's the minimum if you create something that people like. If I'd have much much money, I'd buy every print and such from you, but I don't, and what I have will be needed in a few month when my first child arrives. So please, keep up, and make many colorful stuff so I can buy them later for my kid :aww:.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Thank you for the good art pieces!

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The Happening

Sun Jun 29, 2008, 11:48 AM
Man... We went out to see this movie. Man... it's shocking. More than that. I was always feared Mother Nature. Feared and respected her. But after this...

A few years ago I had a teacher. She said that we cannot and should not do anything to prevent pollution. Someone asked her why. Her reply touched me and some friends very deeply, and after this movie, I still remember her words. We are not responsible for the pollution. We made it faster and stronger, but all the smoke and smog would exist even without us. And after a while, when out Mother Earth thinks it's enough, she will simply shake us off her back, and will do everything from the beginning. The happenings in this movie, and the facts some actors said just make these feelings stronger. I don't want to encourage anyone to go and burn down forests or even start smoking. I don't even want to make anyone to join a "green" organization or something to protect nature at all costs. Just live your life as you did before. Our Earth Mother will do her job if she needs to.

Sorry for this dark thing. I'm really happy. Really. Just went pessimistic for a short time.

It has begun.
New camera

I got a new camere yesterday, many thanks to my friends! It's a Nikon D60. I have to re-learn photographing (such as focusing, and all the dry-stuff) as I didn't hold a professional camera in my hands for about 5 years now. Man, it gets fantastic pictures, even on automatic settings! I will experiment further in the evening, and, if the weather turns to sunny (or at least it stops raining), in the weekend.

1000+ PageViews

OMG WTF? I just realized I hit the 1000 PageViews. How? And... Why? A great THANKYOU to anyone who participated in this :)


We are having great time at home, my love is a bit sick because of the baby, but the doctors say everything is allright. So I'm happy and calm (not as my love, she's nervous all the time, she thinks she will do something wrong).

...and so on

And please, welcome the skeleton of my new CSS.

It has begun.
I promised I will tell you later the cause of my happiness, so...


Okay, untrue, we *will* have one in february. But we already have our first picture. I will scan it next week, maybe I upload it somewhere. The little one is only 6 weeks old yet so we cannot know if it will be a girl or a boy. We are already so happy (some say it's too early, but hey, it's our first :) ). We are working on our flat to make it baby-safe, so I won't log in that much as before. Sorry. But you will hear every little news :)
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Wed Jun 4, 2008, 1:45 PM
My dear deviant friends (and others who are not on my friendlist, and also others who are not even a DA member (why aren't you, anyway? :D)),

today, I got some very-very-very good news, and wanted you the first who share it with. Okay, I won't tell the actual news, I will tell it only after a few weeks, as nothing is sure yet. But if so... I'll be happier than ever. Happier than now. So please, go on, and be happy! Trust me, it worths it. :)

Wishing you (too) the best,

It has begun.
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At last, my tablet is here on my desk. However... it refuses to obey its master :cry: It flashes as the documentation says, but it doesn't really do anything. Not even if I draw on it with the pen :aww: I'll try the whole evening, it MUST work somehow  :threaten:

Edit: It works :aww: My computer said I have too many USB devices so they don't get the power they deserve. I'll soon upload the first thing I do with it :)

Edit 2: Here's a pic about it :)
The tablet by gergelypolonkai

Edit 3 (the last one for today):
I lied to you. I won't upload soon. Man, this is hard! I can't draw well, really. But with this stuff... I have to relearn everything! I recently learned to draw human faces with a pencil on paper. Now I have to relearn it with this tablet. Hard hard hard hard! The worst thing about it that you have to push it to the paper much harder than a pencil. But I will handle it, I promise. So as I promised xxnegativexcreep to finish up the drawings her literature inspired, so I have to. A promise is a promise, isn't it? :D
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After a week, I made another collab-like thing, now with DemosthenesVoice. Check out his journal, it has a fresh new CSS on it :aww:. And if you are already there, take a look at his pictures, like the following. It worths the time ;)

Mirage by DemosthenesVoice Desolate by DemosthenesVoice Icarus: Hallelujah II by DemosthenesVoice
Our Eyes Burned Red... by DemosthenesVoice Breathe, Lost man by DemosthenesVoice The Voyage by DemosthenesVoice

P.S: I'm also working on my own CSS now, I had many ideas while creating DemosthenesVoice's :)
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I was thinking about my job today, on my way to the office (like what should I do today, what works left from last days, etc, etc). After a few minutes, I realized I think in a different way than I did before. My thoughts were all in english. That's a bit funny, as I'm a native hungarian, with a good hungarian speech, I use hungarian in my everyday life, like in my work and while chatting my friends, and still... I think in english.

That's okay I said, I use english here on DA, the programming languages I use have english keywords, I also write some emails in that. I can't understand how can this be. It's funny, and somewhat good anyways :)
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About a week ago, or two, I've found Ablelove89's drawing:… . I've seen something in it and decided to do something called collaboration. With some help from Kitaro's music, I have already finished it. Here are the results:

Night Demon by gergelypolonkai
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Music Addiction

Fri May 23, 2008, 2:09 AM
The whole world is pulsing in its own rhythm. Some people listens to it, and hear some voices from it. They are musicians, who make perfect music in some way. Other people live their life trying to be in harmony in the world. They hear the parallelism between the world's rhythm and the music they are listening to. They are both addicted to nature and music.

I belong to the second group. For some reason, I can't write music. I have tried many times, and failed. However, I can't live without it. Many times I choose music depending on my current mood. I know it sounds funny, but at these times even sad songs make me happy. At other times, I just browse my library. Put in a CD, start to listen, I don't like it and put in another one, until I find the best. These are the times when I try to match music with the rhythm of the world. Fortunately, I usually succeed.

When I'm on my way to somewhere, I always listen to some music if I can. Just as this morning, on my way to the office. I turned on my MP3-player, and chose one of Lacuna Coil's tracks. I usually take the song's rhythm, and make my steps according to it. But today I couldn't. I had to continously press the Next button to find today's rhythm. That's how we, music addicts know that we are living the very day in the world's rhythm, instead of ours.

The above are all my own words and thoughts, not quotes from others, as some may think because of the italic text
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I have decided, at last. I will draw the 100 Pictures Challenge on paper, with some pencil. To do that, I took out some paper and a sharp pencil in the office today (so good there wasn't too much work for today), and practiced my old shading technics. It's a shame, but I lost control over my powers :) What came out was a total catastrophy. Thus, I forced myself into a virtual class to re-learn anything. If there are any interests, I'll put on some drawings about it (and maybe some tutorials about my drawings).
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Okay, something went totally wrong I think. I didn't have these "random" visitors before on my page, so I did something I didn't do before. I haven't posted anything in the last few days (it's a shame, I know, sorry), and they still come. It's nice from them, really (thank you all!), but I can't understand. Maybe I should try to submit something if they come back... :D
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It's good to see that my gallery pageviews go straigth to the sky. Now I have almost 600 :) I already have some ideas about my next few works, so maybe I'll have more :D

Edit: Meanwhile I had another visitor whom I've never seen on my pages, nor his deviations (yet :)). He just came here and took a look at my page. It makes me so happy. Maybe I'm too sentimental. But thanks, anyway :D (he was Davecheesefish )

100 Pictures Challenge

After thinking for a few days, I finally have the picture in my mind. I still miss around 8 small parts, but I think it will come out later. I'll start working soon, just don't know yet how. I thought the hard part will be the idea about each part. Well it was, but how should I draw it? I'm not a drawer (well, at least not on paper) and don't have a scanner, but I know some drawing technics which could help me. Some kind of vector graphics solution is also an alternative; I can use them fairly well, but it takes a looong time to draw a picture in them. I'm confused, but I will decide. Meanwhile I go back to my old fox (GIMP) and manipulate another photo of mine :D
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Okay, after the decision and a weekend of thinking, I've got it! I already submitted the Introduction part, which can't be ready until all the pieces are done. This was the easy part...

I had to think about the small themes. I had several ideas for most of them. Then I took a walk with my dog, and out there in the fresh air I had the final idea. I had (and fortunately I still have) a picture in my head. A big picture, holding almost all the small themes existing on this long list. Some of these themes won't really fit at the first time, but hey! that's why it is a challenge :)