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    There was this girl, Mary. Almost no one ever knew her name, only her deeds. She was a real hero, from many points of view. During the days, she worked in an orphanage. All the kids loved her, she liked to play with them, told many tales, and loved them as if she was their mother. Sometimes, her thoughts have gone very far. This mostly happened when she was in the middle of a story. These times she started to tell about a hero, who saves many lives, preferably children.
    On one day, she made some sandwiches for the kids. This was kind of a routine, she did it without looking at the bread, the butter, the salami, or whatever. She was again thinking of her hero, saving another child.

    Jonathan always liked to play at the edge of a forest. He looked for bunnies, picked some flowers for his mother, ran through the plains, played hide and seek with the trees and the pests. All the other kids in the village thought he's a weird child, so he never had a real friend. Even in the school nobody played with him.
    Today he met a new butterfly. Maybe it just hatched out from the egg, or something like that, he thought. He started to chase his new friend, while not watching out for the paths. Thus, he lost. So as he lost the butterfly. For the first few minutes, he thought he knows where he is. Followed a path, turned left, followed another, and he got deeper and deeper in the forest. After an hour of walk the forest was so dark that he thought it's already evening.
    – Hello – he heard from his back – where are you heading?
    Jonathan turned back faster than anyone before.
    – Who are you?

    – Mary, are those sandwiches ready?
    – Of course, of course, I'm coming! – she said, but meanwhile she thought something totally different: "What a hurry, a minute ago you were playing with those cars and dolls, and now you are hungry so sudden?" She wasn't really angry, they just ruined her daydream. Another story with no ending.
    She picked up the trays with the sandwiches, brought it in to the children. They started eating, and meanwhile she continued daydreaming, but she was surprised. A story which was interrupted but continues? It hadn't happened before...

    – A woman wandering the forests for some mushrooms. What does a child do in the forest this late?
    – I was playing with a butterfly and now going home.
    – Then maybe you live with the bears?
    – There are no bears around, how do you think that?
    – Only bears live in the way you are heading...
    – Yes, of course. Why do adults think they know it better? – said Jonathan with a low voice, and continued his walk.
    – Have a nice trip! And just shout if you need some company!
    A few minutes later the forest turned dark, and even dusk came. Jonathan became scared. He started to think of the bears the woman talked about. His steps slowed down and he took breath faster. But he went onward, still thinking that he knows the way home. And then it turned pitch black...
    – Mushroom-picking woman? Can you hear me?
    There was no answer. Jonathan stopped walking and tried to look around. He started shouting.
    – Are you here? You told me to shout if I need company, and you are nowhere!
    Still no answer. Jonathan became more and more scared.
    – You lied to me!
    – No I didn't – a torch was lit, and in the dim light of the flames Jonathan saw the woman – Come on, I take you back to the village.
    They turned back and started walking, without any voice or speech. In an hour they left the forest. It was only twilight yet. Jonathan arrived home safely.

    The sandwiches were gone, except the one Mary eaten. She only had a small bit of hers. The children saw that Mary is daydreaming again, so they slowly took the tray and plates back to the kitchen. They hoped she was thinking about their next good night tale.
    Mary wasn't on duty that night, so she walked home slowly. She was thinking about this day's story. It was so real, and it even continued after the kids interrupted. "Maybe I'm getting insane. I should go meet other people."
    But she didn't. She went home and fell into her huge bed. She slept without dreaming, and without resting. She got up almost as tired as she were in the evening. She headed to the orphanage without eating anything.
    The kids welcomed her happily, just as ever. They tried to pull her here and there from dolls to ponies and cars. This was the time when Mary forgot how tired she was. She became a child again, playing with all the toys. When two kids argued on something she turned into adult again, but only for a minute, to calm them down.
    She grew up in this orphanage. She was the best in school, in every class, while having many friends in the orphanage. She helped everyone, making the food, cleaning, almost everything. So when she turned eighteen, she didn't have to leave the place. She continued helping there, while learning and still being the best in class. She had her diploma, and rented a small room alone. So we can say she had a bit better than average orphan life. But it was so boring that she started to create a world with some heroes, saving all the children in need.
    – You have wandered yesterday – one of the children said – maybe you found out a new story?
    – Um... well, I've seen a new one, yes.
    – Will you tell us? You have such beautiful tales.
    So Mary started a story, but it was totally different, with no Jonathan and no village, only the woman was the same.

    Another day in the forest, looking for some herbs, going back to the cottage to dry them and prepare them for the villagers. But this is the last one. She will leave after this day. The preparations went fine, everything is packed up in a huge backpack.
    The villagers were very sad. They loved the woman, although nobody really knew her, not even her name. She did many things for the village, with all her herbs and advices. But she had to go, they knew it well.
    The forest was wide and dark. She remembered all the children she "saved" here. Peter, who was stuck under a falling tree; Jenny, cornered by some wolves, poor little girl, how scared she was... and the last one, Jonathan, the arrogant boy, who always knows well. She wandered between the trees, picked some flowers, mushrooms and herbs. She didn't really know where she was heading, she just knew the way.
    After a week of walk, she left the forest. There was a huge plain, with a pond in the middle. She filled her gourds, and headed to the nearby city. It was a totally unknown place for her, yet familiar for some reason. The road was made by stones instead of the dusty paths she used to know, but they turned just in the right direction under her feet. Suddenly, she turned her head towards a building covered with smoke.

    – What is smell? – asked Mary – Kids, get out of the building, something is burning!
    The children got panicked and tried to pick up the toys and stuff with them. Mary forced them to leave the building, even if they were crying.
    – Move on, faster, we will get new toys, you can leave them here!
    She escorted five kids and went back to the orphanage. After the next turn, when she left the building, she was shocked of what she seen.
    – How can you be here?
    – On foot from the forest, maybe? But you shouldn't talk now, let's get back for the children.
    – But I dreamed you, you can't exist!
    – And yet here I am. Now go back in!
    They both got back to the house, to help all the children and the nannies.
This is an almost two years old writing of mine, with a more-than-trivial "ending". I wrote this to a friend of mine, as she was daydreaming so much. I don't actually remember if I ever showed it to her...

I know that here and there my English could be better, but writing in a language different from your mother tongue is not as easy as I thought.

Enjoy, and feel free to continue (but please, if you do so, don't forget to send me a note ;) )
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